Feature and pricing breakdown


Bot Pricing

Toreda's AI trading platform allows users to build, test, and optimize their own trading bots. Users are only charged for the resources their bots use.

Beta Pricing
Our trading platform is currently in closed beta. Prices may be adjusted from time to time as the platform grows.

Bot Usage
Number of Bots First 10 free each month
2¢ for each bot per month thereafter
Bot CPU Usage First 24 hours free each month
0.858¢ per Bot CPU hour
Bot Memory First 25 bot memory units free each month
2¢ per bot memory unit thereafter
Market Data
1 minute ticker updates 1¢ per 50 market pair request
5 minute ticker updates 1¢ per 100 market pair request
30 minute ticker updates 1¢ per 500 market pair request
1 hour ticker updates First 5,000 requests free each month
1¢ per 1000 market pair request thereafter
Signal Subscriptions
Portfolio Signals Free
Account Signals Free
Position Signals Free
Basic Market Signals First 500 free each month
5¢ per 1000 signals
12 hour market pair sentiment 15¢ per 1000 predictions
24 hour market pair sentiment 30¢ per 1000 predictions
12 hour surge predictions 45¢ per 1000 predictions
24 hour surge predictions 30¢ per 1000 predictions
Signal Broadcasts
Broadcast your own signals 0.15¢ per 500 subscribed users
Paper Trading Access Free
Backtesting First 1000 historic market data hours used free each month
0.15¢ per 100 historic market data hours used in backtest thereafter
Supported Exchanges: Binance, Bittrex, Poloniex
Place buy order 25¢ per 100 buy orders placed
Place sell order 25¢ per 100 per sell orders placed
Generic API Requests 1¢ per 10 seconds of request time
Send email First 10 emails sent free
15¢ per 25 emails sent thereafter
Send SMS 3¢ each
Push Notification Alerts (to your own devices) 5¢ per 25 push notifications
Slack Notifications 1¢ per 100 notifications
Discord Notifications 1¢ per 100 notifications

Join Beta Waitlist

Toreda's AI trading platform is currently invite only during closed beta. We'd love to hear from you! We periodically increase the number of active users by inviting people from the waitlist. Join the waitlist and we'll send you an exclusive invite when one is available.

Next Generation Crypto Trading

Toreda is an AI trading platform for cryptocurrency built on powerful AI Cloud technology and fueled by a machine learning signal system. We give everyone the power to create intelligent bots capable of integrating with platforms like Discord, Slack, and Telegram. Use a simple drag and drop interface to build bots capable of trading and watching the market 24 hours a day. Never miss another crypto opportunity because you had to sleep.

No Coding Required

Our drag and drop visual editor makes building bots simple and accessible. Focus on trading strategies instead of where to put the semi-colon.

Explore Free for 1 year

No credit card required. Explore the power and profit potential of the Toreda platform using the free tier. We wouldn't expect you to buy a car without test driving it. Build and test drive your own bots in the free tier before paying a cent.

Popular Integrations

Connections Matter

Connect your bots to popular platforms in minutes. Connect to services like Discord, Slack, Telegram, Twilio, and Twitter. Want to notify a discord channel whenever your favorite coin has a big move? No problem.