Features - Paper Trading

Trading with real market data using a practice wallet


Real Bots, Virtual Practice Wallet

Trade with confidence knowing that you can deploy, test, and optimize bots in the real market without risking real assets. When paper trading is active for a bot, it behaves exactly as it would in the real market, but your trades are executed using your virtual practice wallet instead of a real exchange wallet. No actual coins or assets are traded, showing you real performance without risk. Each bot can be configured to have its own practice wallet or share with other bots.

Join Beta Waitlist

Toreda's AI trading platform is currently invite only during closed beta. We'd love to hear from you! We periodically increase the number of active users by inviting people from the waitlist. Join the waitlist and we'll send you an exclusive invite when one is available.

Platform Features

Unlock your potential with industry-leading AI trading tools. Build bots to put your skills to work 24/7. Whether you want bots to automatically trade every day or want your own personal AI market analyst to alert you when things happen, we can take your trading game to the next level.

No Coding Required

Our drag and drop visual editor makes building bots simple and accessible. Focus on trading strategies instead of where to put the semi-colon.

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Automatic Trading

Never miss another opportunity because you're asleep, at work, or away. Your bots watch the market and trade 24/7.

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Boost Manual Trading

Monitor crypto markets 24/7. Your bots can send email / sms / slack or discord notifications when they find opportunities.

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Free Tier

No credit card required. Use free tier features to build, test, and optimize bots for as long as you'd like. You decide you're ready to upgrade.

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Paper Trading

Run bots against live market data while executing trades against a virtual practice wallet. Why risk real money when you can test "what if?".

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Test your bots against previous market conditions. Build bots that don't just survive, but thrive in any conditions.

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Integrate your bots with popular platforms in minutes. Connect to services like Discord, Slack, Telegram, Twilio, and Twitter.

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AI Cloud

Your bots are always ready to trade in our industry-leading AI Cloud. No software to install or configure. Always up to date.

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Pay for what you use

Why pay for features you don't need? We only charge for the exact resources used by your bots beyond the free tier.

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